Lee K Curtis

A published author, Lee has produced three books and numerous articles on Australian wildlife. She also has 25 years of experience copywriting and editing a wide variety of texts from hospitality industry brochures, web site copy and advertisement text to articles, grant applications and reports.

A skilled researcher who insists on a minimum of three reliable sources, Lee prides herself on producing copy which is accurate, clear, concise, and enjoyable to read.

Copywriting 2003-Present. Print publications
Lee Curtis has written articles on a wide variety of topics related to Australian wildlife, environmental conservation and tourism for Wildlife Australia Magazine, On the Road Magazine, Outback Magazine, UBD Queensland, RnR (Queensland Parks and Wildlife quarterly), EcoVoice weekly newspaper, Land for Wildlife Newsletter and miscellaneous newspapers and newsletters.Target reader age range: Primary school to adult.

2006: Researched and wrote New Holland Publishers’ Wombats, Wallabies and Other Australian Mammals (March 2007). Worldwide distribution.
2005: Researched and wrote New Holland Publishers’ Green Guide to Kangaroos and Wallabies of Australia. (January 2006). Worldwide distribution.

Marketing copywriting for small business clients including: Vitwood Droughtmaster Stud; Fraser Shores Retirement Villages, Sugarland Retirement Village; Yungaburra Park Hotel; Eden House; Skybury Coffee; Nutri-Concepts; Discover Magazine.

Web site copywriting
1990–2000: Freelance copywriter for U.S. and European publishers:Editions Atlas, Edito, Grolier Publishing and Grzimek’s Encyclopedia, covering a wide variety of topics including warships, dinosaurs, trivia, wildlife, theology, literature, biological sciences, mammalogy, etc.

Web site copywriting for small business clients including: Vitwood Droughtmaster Stud; Fraser Shores Retirement Villages, Sugarland Retirement Village.

Grant writing
2004–Present: Community Benefit Gambling Fund, Jupiter’s, Cairns Reef Casino, Livingstone Shire Community Grant, Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal, Perpetual Fund, Norman Wettenhall Foundation, Dorothy Ann Foundation (U.S.A.), Purves Foundation, Caring for our Country, various Federal Government grants.

January 2008–May 2011: Under contract to CSIRO Publishing to produce a comprehensive resource guide entitled: Queensland’s Threatened Animals. Publication date: November 2011.
2007-2008: Freelance editor forCSIRO Publishing: Life in the Cape York Rainforest, by Robert Heinsohn; Snakes, by Michael Cermak; The Australian Natural History Series: Platypus by Tom Grant; Native mice and Rats by Bill Breed and Fred Ford; Bowerbirds by Peter Rowland; Nutrition of Sports Turf in Australia by Jerry Spencer; Field Guide to Stick Insects and Leaf Insects of Australia.
1988-2000: English language copywriting, editing and proofreading for The Wordmill, Inc., a multi-lingual translation and foreign language typesetting and web site design bureau, Healdsburg, California.
1995-2000: Chief Editor, Wind Word Press; Editor and publisher of Return and Remembrance, by Darwin O’Ryan Curtis (1996)
2000-2001: Chief Editor and publisher of The Townsville Magazine, a quarterly tourist print magazine converted to an e-zine in early 2001.
1993–1995: Chief Editor of The ATA Chronicle, a monthly glossy magazine published by the American Translators Association.