A published author, Lee has produced three books and numerous articles on Australian wildlife.

Wildlife articles available from: Wildlife Australia Magazine

Queensland's Threatened Animals

Edited by Lee K Curtis, Andrew J Dennis, Keith R McDonald, Peter M Kyne & Stephen JS Debus

A comprehensive and practical guide to Queensland's threatened animals. This book features up-to-date distribution data, photos and maps for most of Queensland’s threatened animals.

Green Guide: Kangaroos & Wallabies

By local author Lee K Curtis

This book from the Green Guide series will answer all your questions about kangaroos. It includes all the familiar kangaroos and wallabies, such as the Red and Grey kangaroos, as well as many species you may never have heard of, such as Quokkas, Nabarleks and Nailtail Wallabies.

Mining - The Queensland Way - Drew Hutton

By lifelong activist Drew Hutton

Why has environmental regulation never been enforced on Queensland mine owners? Why do abandoned mines litter our state? Why are mining companies being allowed to destroy entire towns, vital water resources and prime farmland?

Wallabies, Wombats and other Mammals of Australia

By Lee K Curtis

This fun, informative and colourful book introduces all of Australia’s different types of mammals. It includes full colour pictures of the animals, interesting facts about their lifestyle, and more!