Queensland's Threatened Animals

Queensland's Threatened Animals

Edited by Lee K Curtis, Andrew J Dennis, Keith R McDonald, Peter M Kyne & Stephen JS Debus

A comprehensive and practical guide to Queensland's threatened animals.

Queensland is home to 70% of Australia’s native mammals (226 species), over 70% of native birds (630 species), just over half of the nation’s native reptiles (485) and native frogs (127), and more than 11,000 native plant species. Hundreds of these have a threatened status in Queensland. In order for Queensland to maintain and recover a healthy biodiversity we must address the serious problems faced by our natural environment – habitat loss, inappropriate land management, change in fire regimes, pollution of natural resources, proliferation of invasive species and climate change.

This book features up-to-date distribution data, photos and maps for most of Queensland’s threatened animals. It also includes a comprehensive list of resources, with key state, national and international organisations involved in the recovery and management of threatened species. Queensland's Threatened Animals will provide vital information to scientists, educators, business entities, government agencies, students, community groups, environmental NGOs, regional NRMs and potential volunteers.

About the Authors

Lee Curtis has been a correspondent for Wildlife Australia magazine since 2002 and is the author of the Whitley award winning Wallabies, Wombats and Other Mammals of Australia. Andrew Dennis has a PhD in tropical ecology and has conducted research through JCU, QPWS, CSIRO and the EarthWatch Institute. Keith McDonald has worked in Queensland government conservation agencies for the last 40 years. Peter Kyne has a background in the biology, fisheries and conservation of chondrichthyan fishes. Stephen Debus co-edits the BOCA journal Australian Field Ornithology.

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